Monday, January 7, 2008

The Con list

If ever the view from my balcony rivals this, it's time to move post haste.

Working for the current place of employ I've made it a point; not in a vendictive sort of way, to produce a pro and con list. As it stands the cons far out way the pros and it's only a matter of time until there's another venue that offers me $0.01 more a year and I take that position whereever it is in the country. The resumes' are still flying and I'm in a business funk. (My pseudo-alter ego at work happens to be Rob) So at somepoint Rob will be venturing out to another glorious jobby job that has nothing to do with the 4 pieces of paper that SUNY Potsdam gave me 7yrs ago.

Today I'd like to add a con to the list and tell you alittle bit about it. It has nothing to do with the umpteen things that have been lumped onto my "vague at best" job description. It has to do with the physical work environment. Working nights aside, there is a treatment facility just over the hill and on occasion..... the smell of 60,000+ people's fecal waste matter permeates the building. Today it's made it onto the Con list. By merely walking into the building, having the smell pumped through the ducts, has caused me to gag, throw-up a little in my mouth and basically has caused an unease in my being. IT WREAKS. Somedays it's a tolerable whafting, others it's a bit oppressive, today.... it's vomitous, the fecal coliforms of god knows who or what is driving directly into my lungs and making the work place environment unbearable. Ripe is not the word, it borders on newborn diaper to the power of 35. 8 ginormous tanks of shit waiting to be treated and dumped into the Mohawk River are no further than I can drive a golf ball from where my truck is parked in the back lot right now. If the stench had a green tint there would be a neon green fog thick enough to cut with a knife. SO...Con number 24 as opposed to Pro number 4 has been added to the list.

Luckily the smell is like crime, it doesn't cross running water, I think it has something to do with air density, (the shitsmell, not the crime) although in both cases it doesn't make it over the bridge to my apartment 1.5 miles away. If it had, or ever does... my savings account and the unemployment I receive after making a complete ass of myself and getting fired will be enough cash to leave this stench for good.


Timmy Z said...

Bob, there might be a possibility out here to do graphic design. It would be in Worcester. Email me to get info.

Shaggy Bob said...