Thursday, January 10, 2008

While I'm at it

SO supposedly, prominent people of the basic hollywood variety are pitching and yapping about going green. Save the environment, do this do what ever you can to save the poor polar bears that are drowning (polar bears can swim... if a bear goes out into the ocean too far, it's darwin rule that he doesn't make it back... it's too cold for polar bear eating sharks up there) So getting back to my perplexion. Hollywood stars and what not are yiping about being good to the environment.... here's my question for them. "Where is your re-usable travel coffee mug, you latte/coffee/expresso chuggin morons?" How many times do I have to see a starbucks paper cup with plastic lid being carried. They may recycle!? But a tree died for the recycled paper in the first place, and you're adding to the emissions of garbage trucks hauling the refuse away a second time. If you want to preach green, green yourself, green it for real. Take your millions of dollars and buy yourself a designer mug for that oh so insanely high priced 10bones.

And also, if you want to be a PETA monkey and preach about animals and their rights... take off your Nice leather belt F*cktard and stop wearing shoes hyp·o·crite, walk around in something else that is less than green and or recycled from used rubber trees.

Just for the record I'm writing myself in for President and "I like animals because they taste good". Moooooooo bitches!

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moe.L said...

I love my new vegan shoes.