Monday, January 14, 2008

Toyota Commercials

I've had the chance to see a few TV Commercials in the past weeks and I don't get it. There are numerous versions of great ads for a Toyota Tacoma braving danger and coming out unscathed. "Driving off cliffs and surviving", "Barrelrolling down hills to land on their wheels and come away unharmed." I think I have the slow kid of the bunch.

It was mentioned to me by the great Gonzo that I should try to make my own commercial. Only instead of trying to survive a cliff dive, try to destroy my vehicle. If the motto of the company holds true and my particular vehicle takes off its shiny red hockey helmet I could be driving it 4-EVAR. Just imagine, screaming toward a cliff, just me and my Toyota...Me wearing a flight helmet, (flight of the Valkyries blaring in the background) my truck leaking fuel in fear.... .......ooooooooooh ....... I'd never make it to the cliff because the truck would break down and I'd have to get a tow-truck to ferry us into the abyss. So much for that idea.

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