Sunday, January 20, 2008

Grampa Stan

Over the past weekend I had the opportunity to spend time with some folks I haven't really been able to catch up with for a fairly expansive amount of time. I can definitely say that it was a productive drunk. Housing way too many oatsodas and slingin paint. S, R and myself got thoroughly pickled and at 5am decided that it was time to get creative. We triple teamed / tag teamed 4 canvii and damn was it fun. I'll try to post the crappy cam-phone pics when I have another free moment. R has a project kicking around that involves historical family photos, and possibly momentos from her Grand fathers legacy. I've attached a pic of Grampa Stan.... "I have respect for this man, whom I've never met, and it all stems from the fact that he has an aura of I don't know what, but it's there"

Since getting Frank back from the garage it was high time to try out the new parts. I didn't want to scream to Boston and have the possibility of breaking down on a 4hr one way trip, so I halved it an hit the road for an hr and a half to New Fairfield CT.

Upon my return trip...after catching a few hours of shut eye, I rose at was dark. I headed back to the 'Dirt to rondesvous at Gonzo's place for the Jones Jr. Trinidad fight payper view. SO I put on my night blinders (ok, I never take them off, my eyes are bad in th dark) and decided to somehow make a few wrong turns. It took almost twice as long to get home as it did to get there, but it was relatively painless once I hit a main thoroughfare. I arrived home and had enough time to shower, pick up a party platter and some suds, and get to fight night.

Over the course of the weekend I do believe that I had some of the tastiest foods I've scarfed down in months. Ribs, smashed tatters, homemade stew, today I powerhoused a homemade breakfast. If food were free, I'd balloon for sure but as it is a treat every now and then ain't half bad.

"If you're born a circle, you can't die a square"

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