Sunday, January 13, 2008


Whom? who? ever coined the phrase "Don't sweat the small stuff.... it's all small stuff" should have been a better known philisophizer. And/or been made to stand in front of a speeding bus holding a 50gallon bag of thumb tacks. That way he/she could pony up the "it's all small stuff" should he/she survive getting run over. 50gallon bags of thumb tacks stuck all over him/her and all. I'm still waiting to hear the damage report that my bank account will be filing with regard to the Frankensteiner. I'm driving a soccermom minivan in the mean time and putting doylies under my free standing table light fixtures to round out the effects produced by said Emasculator. Oh...Oh, and baking some cookies while I'm at it, with rainbow sprinkles.

Just kidding, I've got a loaner from the folks while the home garage takes care of ol' Frank. The Funtruck Booze Cruz will be on hiatus again pending the damage report. It looks as if a 1000 clams may be the final extent but I'm not sweating it. The pantry is stocked and I have Scotch, I'm still working, and I don't have any dependents to worry about. It just sucks that the breakdowns seem to coincide with important rondevouseseses. HAPPY 30th B-day Rachel hope the weekend treated you in spectacular fashion, Sorry I wasn't able to make the trip.

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