Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

I sit here on the second day of working in 2008, last night being the first overnight shift that I got to ring in the new year with. Yeeeehaw! Instead of staying put where I was and enjoying a night of libation and good company I decided to trek back to the homestead and actually work my scheduled shift. More because, I didn't want to screw over a co-worker and had I not shown up...he would have gotten the olde butt-whammy in a not so pleasent hardcore sort of way. Apparently as much as I feel I would like to peace out of the work environment I'm currently tolerating....that whole stability thing gets in the way and without a viable next step in the career I'm going to have to fester where I'm at.

New Year resolutions are a handy way to let yourself down two weeks in advance of failing with them....but I'm going to practice them just the same. 1.) I quit smoking...it happened as soon as I left the Vinnie's party palace, why not...maybe healthy is a good thing. 2.) The mop is coming off and it's going to travel to the good folks at Locks of Love...(I still have to get that on tap, and schedule it before I fail miserably.) 3. I'm not going to call anyone an Ass-Clown for 1yr. it's degradingly hilarious and sometimes we have to give up what we can to make the world a better place ass clownery aside I think I could do without it. 4.) Time to take better care of myself, first order of business, new specs. I've been wearing the same glasses for 6yrs and I'm getting used to being failry blind...I'm changing that soon. then on to the physical aspect fo health..there are too many outlets for self destruction and I need to rid myself of at least 2bad habits, the first is #1. the second is sleeping...not just catching a cat nap, I think that's ok...I mean really sleeping, I can generally put in a good 13hrs before I feel totally rested. I don't think that is healthy so...8hrs max is the way I'm leaning.

There are more places that I should look to better myself, and unfortunately A New Year resolution is just the way for me to kick myself in the "ass" and stop being a "clown" (<=that doesn't count)

I'd like to thank Vinnie for being a great host this past weekend and it was awesome to see everyone that rolled in for the festivities. This Friday or Saturday I'm chillin with Waldo that should be a riot as well.

Happy New Year everyone!


Kate said...

Locks of Love isn't too scary, honest. I did it in 200...3? Around then. And again in 2005. It grows back.

Willem said...

Are those the guys from Nelson?

Shaggy Bob said...

Love and affection???? Nah.... Guitar heros? YES!

Jen said...

Happy New Year! I think you've got some good resolutions there... except for the ass clown one. That's too good to take off the table. Although... if you go through with it and then bring it back next year, it might be that much more fulfilling every time you use it.

-RwB said...

Holy living f*ck, is that Steve Camras? Speaking of locks of love... get 'er done. New specs will help you realize that you've horribly deformed your skull through random acts of greatness in the past 10 years. As for the rest, do it up.