Sunday, January 27, 2008


....Planet Earth, Lil Mac, D, K, Blue, Highland Park, Princess crowns, Laz, Jarlesburg, candle wax, gesso, 106.5, 4 weeks of laundry, new supplies, and a bit of creativity. Life gets infinitely brighter when a 2yr old gives you a noogie.


-RwB said...

Life gets infinite when a 20 year old hands you a bottle of 27 year old.

Shaggy Bob said...

WHOOF, shoot me an email Ray Ray.... the 'Dirt is 15minutes removed from your sojourn in the Capital District. Air Matresss, cookin show, a game of backgammon or chess, and scotch is waiting. Well. Scotch can be made available...I'm siping the last remnants of tasty goodness.