Monday, September 8, 2008

Address information for Roerbt

The thrill of owning a new vehicle is a great thing. Unfortunately the ride is short lived at the Oasis. It happens shortly after purchasing said new ride, it comes in the mail, and in some cases it poses a daunting task of adjustments. I've finally recieved all the necessary paperwork to start my purchasing plan for Fra Fillippo Lippi. Not a single document; which should have been altered at my request via the dealer, has a correct address on it. I officially live in three different towns, apartments and zip codes, the Insurance is attached to a non-existant bank, the payemnts go to yet another bank, the title info is horribly wrong "My name is misspelled." ?!?!? was the dealership collectively smoking crack when they put this shit together? I've since mailed the change of address forms, re-applied for the insurance, have a meeting with the NYS DMV Wednesday and am waiting for the title corrections to arrive when completed.

All I can say is that if it wasn't as much fun to drive, Roerbt would be paying for the Jeep. The bills would make their way to a distant upstate town, only be dropped between two apartment buildings in a rain gutter, and I could just refinance through a third bank with no hassles.

It should all be straightened out by the end of the week, I loves me some drama. Keeps the blood flowin' and gives me a reason to get out of bed before nooner.

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