Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Outta the Blue

Well, that blindsided me pretty hard. I had no clue. In fact I'm going to rethink my perception of life as I know it. What could I possibly have been thinking to let this slip by me without the slightest inkling. I for one am ashamed to be me for not knowing. There were no telltale signs, no hints, no intimations, I niether imagined nor inferred. I basically dropped the ball on this one folks. Hell I should just call it a night and peace out like a demerol poppin emo-kid. Where and what could I have been thinking to the contrary. For Christ's Sake....... I missed it totally, "did you know that Clay Aiken was gay?" Man O man was I stunned, bewildered and caught off guard.

There's nothing wrong with that, nor the amount of sarcasm you should be smelling from your computer screen at this very moment. Huh, gay.........

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