Monday, September 29, 2008

Congrats to Jenn and Brett

It started with a quick trip to the airport to retrieve Adam [very cool cat], I'm glad that I had the opportunity to meet the man. We arrived at the camp to a meet and greet bar-b-que dinner, 80 people milling arounnd saying hello and catching their bearings. A fabulous bartender werking her ass of with all the thirsty folks. Saturday a wake up and yard games, the Manifest Boozery in full tilt. A wonderful ceremony followed by an extreme example of Reception. Not only was the food amazing but I can't remember a wedding that I've attended (minus the usual riff raff that I know = TEP) that had the atmosphere of this shindig rolling toward zany. It was crazy, Capt'n Insano. It was great to see you again Jordan, be well gorgeous.
I took a page from the Book Of Boonie at one point during the evening after liberal libation and yup.... I did the worm surrounded by clapping dance circle goodness then washed it all down with a dirty martoonie in a pint of haze. It felt strangely cathartic smashing myself into the floor. Just like old times. The wedding party and guests partied well into the night, and after donning a more comfortable attire I found myself sitting by the lake with the sun rising, a misty dew in the air and a fog over the water. Solo reflection of the prior evening and a great outdoorsy relaxation. It was 5am when I finally called it a night. I missed the brunch ( I had expected this all along) but tried my hardest to stir.

After a quick good-bye, I hope and trust that Jenn and Brett are as I type sitting on a beach in Jamaica sipping the all inclusive mai-tai or pina colada and partaking in the herbal offerings of the Island.

I traveled to SGF nd stopped to see the wee man Tanis and my bro/sis. He's gotten a bit bigger and has quite the set of lungs. I was scared to hold the little guy having gotten only a few hour of sleep and I was jittery in that not quite right way of kinda soggy from the previous night. I stayed for a couple of hours adn then hit the road back to the Oasis.

I had expected to grab a bite to eat then fall into the sleep of all sleeps. It wasn't in the cards. After a bit of food I stayed lucidly awake watching movies and reading until 4am.

I've finally realized I hate working nights, I hate being on a schedule that is opposite of all the people I know and love, I hate the fact that I'm never content sleeping prior to 4am. This is going to have to change.

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I had a dream about predicting a it true or just my loony brain?