Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Layoffs, part Duh.

Let's pretend that I'm an employer and I have to make some cuts to keep an aging dinosaur of a publicatory entity from going the way of the uh, um, the dinosaurs. Let's say the Omnivorous work the night shift, they have to do/eat up any and everything, they do it all, with a tiny staff and trouble shoot with ruthless efficiency. The herbivorous animals work during the day, plodding through the easier non-deadline specific roughage. The Carnavores are upper management. Carnivores don't get extinted, they dictate who is ending their bloodlines and taking the prehistoric dirtnaps.

Would it be safe to assume, that a herd of 14 herbivores should be a better target than a small pack of Omnivores? As an employer I would say yes, but not the beast I work for.

We had our first real night without the people that got eateded tonight. I'll be searching for a job and hopefully by the end of the month I'll be in a different place. If not, I'm going to be quiet, non-confrontational, bury my face in the huge pile of suck, and purchase a red stapler.

It would have been a better choice to axe a daywalker than to take away one of the nightshift. It has basically worked itself into a situation where I can't even use a sick day unless it's a specific day of the week, a Monday, I can no longer get sick other than Mondays, Sundays and Tuesday thru Thurdsday are right out. I can't wait for flu season. It shouldmake for an interesting good time.

Jenn and Brett are getting hitched this Saturday, I can't wait........ The Maiden Voyage of ShaggyBob's Manifest Boozery is only 4 days away.

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Kate said...

Yeah, I'm in a position now where I can schedule time off with at least a month's notice, but I can't get sick - no one else to work for me in the moment. Good stuff.