Monday, September 1, 2008

County Fairs

It's been County Fair season for sometime now and the summer is coming to a close. A number of times on our opinion page there have been letters to the editor that concern the ethical treatment of animals. Most recently an article from a PETA lady that spells out her disdain for the County Fair Pig Races. You know the races that pit little squeeling piglets in a heated race for the always coveted prize of an entire Oreo cookie. She mentioned the stresses of getting said Oreo with the multitude of screaming fans, the smells of cotton candy and deep fried goodness, the laughter, and poorly maintained race track of freshly strewn hay. WTF It's a pig, for all intents and purposes that Oreo is a bigger payoff than the stresses endured. Free roaming feril swine never get to taste of Oreo. And besides... I'm not saying"this lady is a zealot or anything by any means, but I would venture a guess that she's wearing a leather belt or shoes." And further more, these little pigglie wigglies are keeping fit, exercising, learning a valuable lesson in competition and making themselves better in the long run for the olympic gold in my book. If of course you follow my thinking and a gold medal is substituted for Ye Olde North Country Applewood Smoked Bacon $8.59/lb. Mmmmmm Bacon. The lady also mentions that Orangutans get frustrated that they can't build comfortable nests out of branches high up in trees should they live in Zoos. Whether or not she's actually tried to sleep in a bunch of branches; and finds it comfortable firsthand, is still up in the air / or tree if you prefer. That orcas don't get a kick out of flipping through the air a bunch of times a day to be hand fed by the humanthings they've trained so well. Back flip? or chase a school of Freakin fish around? Shamu ain't a retarded whale. PETA lady in Furburger VA. If you cut down a tree instead of hugging it your can cook up some of this.

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