Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Edition

There's a new edition to the Funny Farm. He arrived yesturday around 5pm. He's big, he's bad, and he's got the best scapegoat the planet has ever seen when the time comes 20yrs from now. My Nephew T.K. is happy healthy, poopin and fartin, cryin and sleepin. Moms and Popdukes are well, ecstatic, and dreading the day Uncle Bob gets to be a bad influence. My bro is quite the burrito maker. Baby burrito comin'!

Welcome to the world little man!!!!!

Where do I get a hat like that in the correct size? I'd hate to have to steal that thing from him.


Kate said...

I can knit a hat like that. Though it would have much bigger stitches, seeing as how I'm not a masochist. I could sew one, too, I suppose. Measure your head - the one you can measure in public, I mean - and let me know the results.

And, congratulations!

Shaggy Bob said...'s about time Uncle Bob was actually a "real" title. That little guy is a spitting image of my brother, which I guess means that within 4 yrs he'll be 6'5" and a linebacker fo the pre-school varsity team.