Wednesday, September 3, 2008

And there you have it....

I've received lots of entries for the renaming of my new Beast, and the Booze Cruz. Thank you all for the submissions and to those of you who haven't won a prize don't fret, I'll be making a trip to your area soon and we'll have a few oatsodas. Without further adieu It was a tough choice, but I think with a little time the selections will work their way into my daily jargon.

Honorable mention In no particular order:

Trips Names:
McShaggy's "Wee Nip" Wrangler Round-up
Shaggybob's Not-So-Antique Roadshow
Shaggy's Ass-Numbing Nonstop Hangover
Flight of the Shag Show
Shaggy's Chunderstruck BAC Tour
Shaggy's Mother Jeeping Tour
Shaggy Bob's Frak'in Barhopping Boobfesti-ma'kation
Shagz Von Drank'in Boots in Your Sheets
ShaggyBob's Moving Magical Mystery Vomitorium

As well as Vehicle names:

The Accomodator
Job's Beep
The Urban Desert Dog
C cubed = Commando Case Carrier
North American Scum
Blow Me Where Thee Pants Is
My Other Ride's Your Mom
Stealthy McGee
Blu Monstu
Cousin Kletus

I have to say that someone snuck a goddamn art history reference in there and I couldn't pass up naming my new ride after one of my fav. Renaissance Artists !Kudos!

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