Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The "B" it's the "B"

I realized in my working "zone out"...(something that happens everynight I'm scheduled to make the plates that roll out the newspaper) that I'm woefully underprepaired to some kinds of understanding. It's tough for me to grasp concepts. Take for example, I currently have $3.50 in my pocket, it's tangible, I can reach in my pocket and touch it. 3 bills and 2 quarters, it's easily the best money to have in one's pocket. I can play the vending machine lottery and walk away a champ with this kinda dough. I can't however even fathom if you take the $3.50 or $3.5 if you will and add one letter. That letter is a "B" $3.5B is so far out of the grasp of my mind that I can't even look at it with reverance. The country is waiting for a failed 700B bailout plan because people believe in electronic money. 700B does Not exist, it's a significant number of 11111001010010101010101's.

If I have money in my bank account that is equal to or a bit higher than something with 3zeros attached I consider myself in good standing with the world. I can make due with 2 zeros, and have actually survived for months with a single zero "give and take" you all know the drill. But a B is like talking quantum physics with an astro-physisistststst. It's just too huge, I just looked it up 700B is equal to 700 thousand million that shit doesn't even make sense.

Let's get really really warped here, shall we:

This is 1/3400 of 700 billion, ask me if I know what that actually is and I'll tell you politely to fuck off. In my mind though, the stack in the front toward the righthand side, not that one, the other one....nope the other other one. Yup That's the one, "that's the one that is probably all the money I'll ever make in my life time".

I'm positive that there will be no "B"'s in my future, I just can't wrap my head around people actually discussing it.

How about a billion bowls of oatmeal, how about a billion mosquitos, how about 700 billion toothpicks. Hell fill the grand canyon with pudding I bet that would take less than B.


Kristi said...

the big B blows my mind too. and we sure as hell don't have 700 of them laying around!

Willem said...

One way I like to describe it to my students is in terms of time:

One million seconds is about 11 days.

One billion seconds is about 32 years.

So, at $1 per second, it would take over 22,000 years to pay $700 billion!

Shaggy Bob said...

Thank you Willem, I assumed that you may have some sort of goodie for me to visualize this phenominal amount. I'm going to go now and burry my head in a huge pillow and weep.