Sunday, September 7, 2008

Two days

Just got back to the office after a two day stint being a yahoo. Friday evening, I met up with a couple of friends, we decided to put the smackdown on the olde wallets and try on a few watering hoels in the 'Dirt. Pinhead Susan's, Clinton's Ditch, The Grogg Shoppe, and Katie O'Byrnes were the targets. Progressively throughout the night beginning at happyhour the places became a bit more crowded, stuffy, a little louder, and full of chicks with glitter on their faces. College is great, and i can understand the urge to head out on the town with your girlfriends, leave the glitter at home, I don't need you to brush up against me and deposit that spawn of Satan on my clothes. Glitter isn't becoming on a dude. After a fair share of libation we called it quits prior to the ledge/edge and headed our respective ways.

Saturday ON CALL, Spanky's Lounge a converted garage Tiki Bar for an evening of Poker on a camoflaged table. 10bones to get in winner takes all but the entry fee from the second place finisher. I got my ten back. I'm not a great poker player, in fact this was the first time is ever had the big stack, and took my time dwindling everyone elses chips away. I lost finally after a bit of slyness on the part of my opponent and her husband. I was at the point of "I'm bored with this game, we should be done already" when I took a fairly substantial hit chips-wise. I had it covered, and was relinquishing my stacks when Husband (who was counting chips for wife, I think that may be illegal depending on where you're playing) decided to play games and said I didn't give up enough chippage. His wife had aready swept an arm load and he was nit picking about a couple of chips. It flustered me, and I couldn't shake it. It damn neared riled me up a bunch. Way to go Psych-guy...two hands later I was out, paying more attention to chip prob than the cards at hand.

After returning to the Oasis I popped a movie in and opened a beer, apparently poker takes a lot out of you because no more than 15minutes later I woke from a dead sleep sitting on my couch with said beer marinating my crotch. D'oh

And it's time to work again, I believe that I'm only working 5 straight this week, which is a grand change. Laundry, groceries, and a light bar for the jeep are on tap during the week we'll see how far I get with that..

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