Monday, September 15, 2008

Marinating Redux

Another weekend: Meeting up with peeps during the Day Friday, followed by happy hour in the 'Dirt. It's a decent routine that I don't mind in the least. Saturday another round of poker at Spanky's Lounge, followed immediately by popping in a movie at the Oasis and promptly falling asleep, waking only when the cold goodness of beer marinated my crotch. What a waste, not to mention soggy junk. Two Saturdays in a row wiped out to the point of spilling beverages in ones lap. This is a routine/trend I would like to nip in the bud before too many more soaking at the hands of the Saranac Brewery.

This coming weekend promises a more low key time with Spanky's closed for Halloween decoration. They go all out when it comes to two parties a year, Independence Day and Halloween. Perhaps it's time to finally buckle down and start working on the costume for this years shindig, maybe subcosciously I'm spilling the booze on me in preparation fo the costume. If that be the case all I would have to do is change the clothes a bit, and get in a huge brawl out on the town somewhere. we'll have to see about the latter although I'm not getting my hopes up just yet.

I've been asked if I would liek to change my schedule to 4 10hr days a week, and have to put some serious thought into it. I would keep my regular Friday and Saurday off, but would get another day in the mix somewhere around Tuesday or Wednesday. Not the best situation... and I'd never be able to control myself in the extra down time.


Anonymous said...

If you can handle it, do it. I'd work a 4 day week 10-hrs/day no prob. Take the extra day to do laundry, housework, or have some me time.

O'Neill said...

That was me... sorry.