Sunday, October 12, 2008

2days of bed rest

2 Days of bed rest and some decent sick people food, soup and whatnot. What do I get for my "be healthy and take care of yourself" efforts? Nothing but a severe case of bedhead. It's been a week and I'm still in the midst of plague. Less congestered (I just made that word up cuz that's how I sounded when I said it out loud). I'm feeling a bit better, I'm not as achey and I'm fevered down to a dull I guess the drugs are working. I expect a full recovery by Friday.

I had forgotten how much sitting in my place solo really bites. Conner rolled over to catch a wide screen version of Cloverfield. He's got a similar illness as do A.J. and a number of other people that attended the wedding. Here's my guess; which totally affirms my distaste for restaurants and the opportunity that any number of people have about expectorating purposefully or not in my food, one of the servers at the reception had something. It got transfered to the catering and viola plague for the masses.

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