Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dirty Laundry

Laundr-o-mat drama never ceases to amaze me. A short WTF in the life of Shaggybob.

I watch the spin cycle on the dryer tumbling through for 7 minutes and add some more quarters, a mother and her 4 yr old daughter sit at a play table rolling over blocks and talk about what they want for dinner.(the little girl wants grilled cheese.)
....5minutes have past since Mother of the Year decided to leave her 4 yr old daughter ALONE in the Laundr-o-mat to run some kind of errand. 10minutes pass. The little girl is still rolling over blocks and glances up periodically with a glassy eyed look. No doubt wondering if her mommy is in the bathroom or on the other side of the huge machines playing hide-n-go-seek. Her eyes brighten, and she's immediately in game mode... she runs around the two banks of machines in vain. Peeks around the corner and runs to the other end of the row, peeks again. She charges at what I can assume to be lightning speed for a wee one around in circles chasing her mother in an endless race. Mom has left the building. Automatic doors open and close, people mill about. There's a college aged girl sitting across from me that has been watching this as well. The wee one is sniffling, she approaches the electric eye. The door opens. Only two people in the crowded laundr-o-mat seem to notice. They calmly approach the little girl and coax her back into the building. She's not weary of strangers. (The young lady escorts her new charge back to the play table, the man speaks to the attendant, then joins the block party) Her name is Heather, her new best friends on the planet are named Shama & ShaggyBob. Mother of the Year is gone for another 25minutes. When she returns she's for lack of a better term Meth'ed Up, and the Police cruiser waiting in the back lot was blocked from her view. She sees the Officer waiting inside and turns a 180 for the door, his partner is waiting there. ........She never even glanced around for Heather.

Shama and ShaggyBob each grab a cup of coffee, stare at eachother and have a complete conversation without words. Dirty Laundry, I leave the Laundr-o-mat.



Nili said...


You're a good man in a rotten world but you make it a little better for the rest of us by giving a crap about others. Snaps man.


Kristi said...

WTF!!! People are f'ed up.
Good job Bob.

Shaggy Bob said...

I should dress up as Capt'n Dropkick for Halloween and seek out these Momos. They should have removed her ovaries on the spot.