Thursday, October 9, 2008

MAN-i-fest Part 3

After the excruciatingly long trip to Potsdam and a quick trip through town to see what was new, I landed at the Fraternity house. I was starting to feel a bit under the weather, yet still made the executive decision to visit the local watering hole named McDuff's. It has been renovated, it's clean, it's well lit, it has technological wonders around every corner, clean bathrooms, and a healthy menu that includes pub food that , wait for it......wait for it....IS NOT Deep fried.

I ordered a pitcher with a few of the fraternity guys. Spoke with Hottie McHotsAlot with the great "special board penmanship" and put in an order for a dozen wings with blue cheese. When asked how hot I wanted the wings, I asked for Scortched Woman Hot. They didn't have that particular Scoville unit of tasty but did have Mild, Medium, Hot, Super hot, and Ridiculous. What? a ridiculous thought, you bet. 1 dozn ridiculous wings. It took a bit longer than expected to recieve my Ridiculous wings and they were a ridicuous let down. I've had wings made by myself, and other establishments that would have placed these particular culinary treats in the mild catagory. Oh well, the blue cheese was still the old chunky hanious sit on top goodness I'd survive. Sprague and Kahuna are still there and the drinks are priced in the same range as they were in '95. Ahhhh Mmmmm McDuff's

I played a few games of pong, wore a gladiator helmet, hung from a pair of sandals that I screwed into the basement ceiling when I graduated in '01, and ran around town visiting all the old sorority houses with some croneys. Moose and Daisy Duke the two house dogs running around and making life enjoyable. I even spotted Lawrence in a late night scamper across the kitchen floor.

I slept comfortably in a spare room on the third floor, and Monday when readying myself for the ride home, sat up, removed my ass from the TV Room Couch ( it has more specific gravity that anywhere else on the planet) and promptly got lightheaded enough to sink back into my ass print. I wasn't safe to drive and was super congested. I sat in the same spot for 24hrs and tried again Tuesday morning. Then made the trip home to work.

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