Monday, October 20, 2008


Whether it's the fact that I'm warm blooded, or the fact that I exude more CO2 than that of a normal human being, or my stylistic driving proweress; I'm not certain. But I do know that inherantly there is now for the rest of my life with regard to every vehicle I own going to be O2 Sensor problem/problems. I had to replace the O2 Sensor in the Frankensteiner no less that 3 times, and also adjusted the thing to make sure it was fully functional a handful of times. Kletus has now taken his first step in the O2 sensor replacement regimen. Luckily I decided on an all inclusive warranty program for a few extra thousand dollars and it was covered. It was a shitacious meeting with the sevice personel at the dealership and I really don't need/want to go back again for a long time. I assumed that something would go bad with the vehicle, I still have Frank in the back of my mind... bad things happen to vehicles, they deteriorate. Given that Kletus is a slightly used vehicle I figured that would happen and now it has. Lets cross our fingers and hope that nothing more serious happens in the next 5yrs. (<=he laughs out loud)

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