Thursday, October 30, 2008


Yeah, so it looks like I'll have to be thinking twice about buying beer this weekend, or at least I'll have to pretend that the thug on my license is actually the guy who is holding the ID . 13yrs of mustache and goatee. I didn't even recognize myself after I removed the next little bit. All it took is a triple take from the people I've been working with for the last three years to understand just how different I actualy look without the the facial hair. A welcome change that will be in effect until it grows back in. Then I'll leave it until I get married. At which point I'll be chopping the mop as well.

This weekend promises to be one hell of a good time. Friday evening Bob's Cookin Show for Z, Elisa, Gonzo, Lisa and Conner. Aperitifs, Cider Braised Chicken w/a Cranberry Compote, Almond and Cranberry Stuffing, Munstu's Smashed Potatoes, fresh French Bread w/ Garlic & Rosemary. Dessert will be relegated lowballs and tasty digestifs mostly of the Lowland Scotch variety.

Saturday Spanky's 4th Annual Halloween Party ETA 7pm. Costumes required w/contest, pumpkin carving contest, haunted house, scavanger hunt, bonfire, full bar, and tons of disgustingly tasty food items. I am particulary fond of the cake that looks like a kitty litter box... no one else is because it's so life like which means more cake on my plate placed there by a litter scoop.

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a lil cup of Jo said...

You look like a yuppy/wallstreet twin brother....of yourself.