Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Another successful trip to wedding and zaniness. I haven't downloaded any pics yet so I'll leave you the list of events in hopes that I'll be able to snag pics for each entry.


3 1/2hr drive to Alexandria Bay arriving at precicely sunset visible over Boldt Castle after dropping my bags off int he room.

I wandered past 8 bars,taverns and nightclubs. Past...I said, I wouldn't stop in them all until later in the evening.

The last place in line was Skiffs, and I was welcomed at the door by Blue (Golden Retriever) and his master,(I say that loosely Blue had command) Vick was the guy, Blue was the dog and they had both ridden to work at the tavern in Vicks Boat. I stopped for a pint and asked for the best burger in town...they didn't have it. But it was nextdoor in a separate pub type establishment. "Tell'em Vick Sent ya" Will do. "Hey, Vick sent me for a great burger"...7 minutes later I had a frisbee sized burger in front of me. I woofed that down.

Next Pub had a black lab tied up in front, a mean little bitch that reminded me in appearance alone to Marley. I had a pint and asked if most places in town were closed for the season. the Tender motioned without looking to the place just up the street with the faint sound of live music. "That place ain't closed after today" The band was comprised of 4 brothers that were partners ni teh Tavern The Dancing Dog, the bartenders were wives, and the little kids weren't random Faggen runaways. I had a few pints.

After the tunes I returned to Skiffs as Vick's shift was ending and he asked me to tag along with him. He was going out for the night. Normally he reserved his evenings for "Fishin' and Fuckin', it's an intimate thing, you know how it is" SO as I was gut laughing down the street following Blue we ended at a waterside pub that was in the middle of their end of the year closing party....free beer and chicken, (not the band..the food and drinks). I met Bob here, and he was a Vietnam Vet before moving back to open his bar, mean rowdy, a little bitter with the world, but also I could tell that this guy was awesome, and a kind person. It may have been the beer, or maybe it was his glass eye that was set way outside of the norm, HIs pupil had lodged itself in the outside corner of his eye and from where I was standing hie was looking at me out of the opposite eye, opposite corner. Imagine it...try not to whizz in your pants. We closed down the party.

Apparently the party ended before the band was done at the DAncing Dog, because my night ended on a high note doing shots with Vick and Bob listening to Grateful Dead Covers and chatting up the bands wives behind the bar.

I woke in the morning with a note on my car and a telephone call that Tandyman was in town and looking for a place to grab a bite to eat He drove the red eye and rolled into town at 6am. The best burgers in town shrink considerably when Vick doesn't send you. ALthough I was turned onto a sauce that was awesome. A honey mustard Bar-b-Que Kettemans(sp)red hot sauce thing. OH Yeah, wash that shit down with a couple of pints done and done.

Tandy and I had a beer with Vick during his day shift, prior to meeting Syverdirt, P.King, Kurt, Parry, Conner and A.J. back at my room. Blue was chillin in the doorway of SKiffs and I casually made the statement that I usually make when leaving someones presence in a pub or farternity sort of way "Be Safe, Be Good, and Don't Do Anything I wouldn't Do" Vick's retort made me pee a little in my pants, 70 yr old Vick returns with "I'll do it goddamn twice and take pictures". The wedding was promptly 45minutes after we all stormed our last road beers and headed to Swan BAy Beach Club to watch the Wiccan Wedding.

PARTS 2,3,4 to follow

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