Sunday, October 19, 2008

Not too....crazy

Laid back weekend, some more recovery I guess. Conner and JY rolled to the Oasis on Friday for a few cocktails. I rolled Saturday to Gonzo's and had a few cocktails. Ran some errands, picked up some costume stuff. Made an appointment to get the Jeep taken care of. Cleaned the place a bit in preparation for the weekend away and my visitors the following weekend.

Once again I made the trip to the supermarket and had a bit of an adventure, nothing dire by any means. In fact it made me feel good about myself. I was getting some food for the week. It happens, believe it or not, I eat... I eat quite a bit actually. My damned metabolism is the bain of my existance. I had made my circuit of the store ending as most people do in the frozen food section, just up the way from the beer coolers. Two ladies were trying to decide on a great brew when I was thumbing through the frozen pizzas. I say Ladies because that what they were, Dames is you will. My grandmother would have had to say yes ma'am to these ladies. They were cute, and chatting with a little giddiness. ( I imagined one saying to the other, hey Martha, lets get some beer... wouldn't that be grand and prohibiiton just ending so short a time ago.) But they had a dilemna, they were tiny, maybe age had a bit of an effect on them, but they were tiny. They wanted something top shelf... [Enter: the knight in Shining Armor] <=insert bonus: superhero theme music. I butted into their conversation under the guise that wanted something from the same case. It was a ploy, I grabbed the beer they were eye balling and laid it gently into their cart. "Have a great afternoon ladies." And away I went, with a simple thankyou young man. Huh, young man..... I would have been content with just the act itself, but on my way out of the parking lot I got a huge Honk and a beep & wave from the little old ladies as I drove off. Yay...chivalry even if it revolved around beer.

The costume is looking alright, I may not be able to get the wig sorted out, might just dye my hair white. Then I could walk around acting like I got struck mby lightning for a couple of weeks.

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