Wednesday, October 8, 2008

MAN-i-fest Part 2

Congradulations To Chris and Becky

We traveled en mass to the Wedding, it was a low key affair with a bunch of people that knew how to have a good time. Everytime I put on a tie I'm reminded of how much of a sexy bitch I really am. Cocktail Hour, Wedding over-looking the water and reception. I was seated with all the teppers in attendance and it made for one hell of a dinner. We danced a bunch, chatted with the bartenders and made nice with the people that were obviously a little horrified by our presence. We stayed at the Beach Club whooping it up for just under 8hrs. Played yard games in the parking lot, spent too much money, got liberally sauced and then jetted back to the Hotel. I guess we went out for a bit at that point but I can't be too sure.... I was invisible.

Prior to checkout we were all up and ready for the trip to P-dam on Sunday. An hour trip... that felt like 3, although I haven't out grown the "return to Potsdam jitters" once the village is in sight.

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