Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Winter Schedule

I've fallen into my winter sleep schedule already. It doesn't bode well for my weekend productivity. Working nights, and less daylight hours basically keep me in the rack longer than usual. For the last few days on average I've been rolling out of bed around 2pm. That in an of itself means that I'll be loosing a lot of extra me time during the days that I don't work. It may seem simple to wake up to an alarm clock for most, but I'm an emphatic snooze button smasher. Just the other day I hit the snooze button and stayed in the lucid dream realm for 3hrs. Every nine minutes, waking to hit the button and fall back asleep. The sheets are warm the Oasis is chilled, and the tile floor in the bathroom is a bane. I wouldn't see this as a problem but, everyone I know (barring my coworkers) lives life as a daywalker. I may have better luck spending time with people if I just choose to not sleep the night prior to hanging out with them. Without coffee as a steady stimulant I don't see anything good coming from the situation.

My real first trial will be this weekend in Harvard MA. I'll be traveling Friday to chill with a ton of old college friends for the evening and attending a wedding Saturday. The ceremony is set for 2pm. My internal clock is going to take a huge hit I'm sure. Hopefully I can manage to be personable and rise a few hours prior to wash myself and look presentable. I plan on duct taping a travel alarm clock to my melon and setting the ringer for stun.

Only time will tell.

3yrs of working as a vampire, it's time to start looking in earnest for a day job. I won't even delve into the depths of what that really does to your social life.

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