Monday, October 20, 2008


Nothing even comes close to the awesomeness of stepping outside of the old office to get some fresh air and then having to stand motionless for 10 minutes while a skunk decides to investigate your surroundings. Lisa and I played a very interesting game of statue. Statues don't move, statues don't talk, statues don't giggle. 6steps from the door, 4ft from a skunk. I think it was resting quietly under a shrubery next to the double doors when we strolled out and startled it. The shrub rustled, a couple of planted flowers wiggled, and then a face popped out of the landscaping. No stench, no tail wagging, just a wandering little grub hunter circling the the entrance. We did manage to put some distance between ourselves and the critter at least 2ft more. I never realized just how fluffy a skunk looks up close. Maybe it was just this skunk, no stripes, more of a patchwork of "go ahead and shit yerself". I can only imagine how much it would suck to walk into a store to buy the home remedy skunk stink removers when you actually wreak of said aminal. No harm no foul.... it ended up wandering off. Cute little skunk ass bouncing as it went. {So I did a search for a likeness of the little rascal to post, because I was too chicken shit to bust out the phone and take a pic at the time, and what do I find...weed, nothing but pot, marijuana} google skunk or white skunk you'll get fields and fields of, um pics of pot plants.

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Kate said...

Meh, skunks are way less prone to spraying than most people think, and they're very shy. Make a nonthreatening-but-unpleasant noise and they'll run - usually a sharp sound, like pebbles rattled in a beer can or tapping a key on metal or glass will do it. They'll go off to do their next thing and not stinkify you. Honest.