Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I'm having trouble focusing on the last parts of my weekend. I have the plague, sinus cold, sore throat, stuffy, achy, fever, shit...even my hair hurts at this point. I can't hear out of my right ear. I blame the slop-tart!! (you'll get the uninteresting story of that soon) I can't wait to roll home after work and sleep in my own bed. I already used a sick day this week when I couldn't get my ass of the fraternity's TV Room Couch yesturday. I rolled home from P-dam this morning, came to work to use a half day once the Super Pat arrived (Usual ETA 9'er). He works the paginator shift on Tuesdays after I roll with it for 5hrs...then I play webby and upload the stuff to Ye Olde Intarwebbs. We're short tonight, suprise, lay a shit ton of people off and what happens>>> double duty, and sick monkeys like me can't skip out.

The goods and bads of it are thus:

There is an upside, I've heard 8 people already complain about the stench wafting into the AC from the Sewage treatment plant down the hill. I'm violently ill "I can't smell It" and of course a downside as well " I can kinda taste it in the air".
60,000 people's worth of foul stench... right on my tongue. I sometimes joke that "I've threw up in my mouth...just a 'lil bit" when I see or describe something as hanious, the jokes on me, I just threw up a lil bit in my mouth.

I'll try to elaborate on the weekend tommorrow, and/or.... you can just infer that any combination of Wedding => Reception, pong game, gladiator helmet, drop kick and a bar called McDuff's; not in any particular order, is a good thing. Even when the wings have the title Ridiculous, and are a mere step above Franks Original.

A wise man put it best when he said "Sex is like pizza, even when it's, bad It's still pretty damn good."

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