Monday, October 27, 2008

Congrats Mary and Brian

Friendly Crossways wedding. Goodtimes. All my cam phone pics were set to blur apparently B&W Blur. looking up from the floor blur, sepia toned blur, I think it's a shot of my pocket blur, take a pic with me - arm extended blur. I dropped something get the jist.. Good food good folks and good fun. A reception that starts at 2pm and carries on through out the evening until 3am is defintely a stellar showing.

I remember the whole evening, but really can't pick any one event that would look good written out in it's entirety. So simple phrase highlights:

Gorgeous Mary
Debonair Brian
Crazy hippy dance
Great Beer Pig's Ear Brown
The Worm
Pseudoswing dancing
Shattered Pint-glasses
JY's Crocs
Thriller Dance
Super Toasts
Bob's help with a cooking Show
Pete's Awesomeness
Colin Mc I Heart K-Y
Muffin Lives
Franco Yarded
Conner Invisibility and Most Awesomest auto-pilot ever
Kip and G
Niner and fiance
Syver-Dirt w/lady
Pat's Stogie
Eddie's whiz?
CiderBrazed Chicken food stuffs
Wind Storm
More Beer IPA
More Beer
Dance Off
Tyo ejection
Ninja Sighting
Shower with no locking door and 3 visitors, and yet I still don't feel dirty
Late Night Nachos with a side of Three man
Dessert tray, Mmmmm dessert tray
Wolf Pac Sighting
Second Worm, busted chin
Hammer Dance
Keg Killin partners in Crime
Potts Bartending
late Night convo with Isa and Jon
Basil in a tux
DownPour Keg testing
Conner and his miraculous piloting of Kletus allowing this guy to sleep a little more in tune with my normal schedule.

As Promised Facial Hair Fun week began today.
I'll try to up load the pic when I can....
It's Motor Head Lemmy Monday

I'll be changing the facial scruff until Friday when I have a clean shaven face with which to practice the prostetic applications for The Halloween Party at Spanky's on Saturday.

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