Friday, October 26, 2007

Addendum to the last post

~ Working oncall, such that emergencies = my ass working on a regular day off. Not complaining, just wading into the OverTime pool of luke warm goodness.

Halloween Party at Spanky's lounge - I'm still working on the box with which to put my junk for the Halloween costume, it was scheduled for completion this evening, that and the draining of a 30rack for posterity. As it was, I only had a few beers with dinner and half a bottle of table wine when I got called to Come into the Orafice.

A HUGE Congrats to the McG's on the sale of their palatial digs in Liverpool NY. South Carolina sounds like a marvelous place to live. "The Funtruck may join you... look to the North for the flash / mushroom cloud, it'll signify the coming of the Jebus" (<= insert a double tap of the old Mach Truck Air Horn)

Also on the horizon for the Shagz Von NoDirection-Inlife, a phone interview with a museum for the Assitant Registrar's Position. Unfortunately, I can no longer fit everything I own into my vehicle and be anywhere in the lower 48 within 5days. Of course the gig isn't in the lower 48, but a week of travel would still have me knocking on the frontier's door. "It's the couch mAaaan, it ties the room together"

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