Thursday, October 11, 2007

<=Insert Air Horn Blast=>


JLints said...

Hey Shaggy,
Random thought... I recently borrowed some old school CD's from my local library and burned them for my iPod. I already had an extensive and wide ranging music collection, but some CD's are just nostalgic. In this case, I listened to Michael Jackson's CD's for the first time. I guess I'm of "a certain age" so that Thriller produces a little thrill.

Now the same thing happened when I went back to De La Soul, Slaughter, Faith No More, and Men at Work. But there were a ton of hits off of that Thriller album. It's amazing Michael ran through most of his cash. Of course this white boy could never do the moon dance or the running man.

So, the point of my post - perhaps an idea for a blog entry. Old school memories brought back by music.

Shaggy Bob said...

Great idea.... Like everytime I hear AD/DC's ThunderStruck. I wrestled in highschool, it was the warm-up tune before a match. ( I wasn't good at wrestling....) so everytime I heard it, I generally got my ass kicked by some steroid monkey with no neck. Everytime it comes on the radio, I get an involuntary shiver. uhhuhhghgguhguhg

Willem said...

You doing a poster for next weekend at my place? Something with a skirt would be appropriate, I think.