Thursday, October 25, 2007


During my first supermarket trip since the fiasco, I was psyched to killa chicken, get some potato, and veggies, fresh fruit to avoid scurvy and also had the fortune to be in quite possibly the slowest 20 Items or less aisle in history. Price Check Sally (there's a song in there somewhere) was having a horrible day. It wasn't that she was inept... she just had the dubious job of ringing out unlabeled cans, boxes, and didn't really know her vegetables to type in the codes. She was pleasant so, no harm no foul.

While standing in line; I would assume, like everyone else I was scanning other peoples purchases and coming up with a personality profile to fit each individual shopper. Not only in my own aisle but the surrounding as well. It was easier to make a snap judgement with the surrounding consumers because they were expeditiously shuffling through their checkouts with extreme efficiency. In my aisle, I was bracketed by two ladies. Between them both they may have pushed 150lbs, and combined they could quite possibly have been 180yrs old. I shouldn't have thought anything strange except for the fact that along with the little old ladies I was also bracketed by 75 or so rolls of toilet paper. The little old woman in front of me had a value pack, the one behind...individual rolls. "?could it be cheaper to buy individual rolls rather than sport for the cash for a handy carrying case of ass wipin materials?" I was intrigued. Still am, Although I couldn't help thinking on my way to the Bitch-Ass Frankensteiner that they were in league together and one of their elderly male neighbors with a perfectly manicured lawn was going to have a bitch of a time getting all the toilet paper horrification removed from his trees, off his house, and out of his superbly weeded perennials. Hmmmmm I would have offered to drive them if that be the case, but I doubt it.

Liser's HAlloween Party this weekend at Spanky's Lounge ( No Shaggy Bob's Funtruck Booze Cruz, I'm a passenger for this shindig)... I should be able to post pics on Sunday.

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