Sunday, October 7, 2007


Redonkulous weekend. Goodtimes, good food, too much booze and very little sleep. I'll post some pics later in the evening. Flight helmets look good on everyone no matter who you are. Thanks Boone and Jen for joining happy hour at the Oasis.Tahnk you to D and Kristi for hosting the throw down. I only have one gripe from the weekend and it's not even a really big dealy.

If, say, you're from Long Island, visiting Saratoga Springs, and happen to enjoy the ambiance of the IceHouse. It only makes you look like a pipe (I would have written tool, but I like the sound of Pipe better) if you act like a mobster straight out of the Sopranos. If you're playing pool and try to shark only to have a mumbling stuttering slobbering prick like me thump your ass you shouldn't feed the rabid squirrels. Getting in a guys face and talking you're pseudo badassedness will only make you look like more of an ass. Specially if there was no money on the game and the whole loss on your end was 8 quarters. Step outta line ya get whacked bullshit doesn't fly. Even your friends put their heads down in shame over your actions. If you are a true mobster, and need to break some knee caps.... do it in Jersey, don't taint the Saratoga area with good fellas-esque behavior. Flashing your wad of cash is only cool when it's made out of denominations higher than Geo Washington. Pipe A! OH, go get yer shine box.

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