Thursday, October 4, 2007

All Better

After a dismal day yesturday, I decided to treat myself to something good. No pictures because it only lasted 30 minutes after I finished prep and cooking.

Nothing makes a man feel better than being waited on at the Meat/Fish counter of a local butcher. Whatcha need...."I don't know" I felt like Peter Venkman sipping schnapps on the steps of a campus library. I don't really despise fish anymore, apparently my taste buds have wandered from the norm. SO, Sword fish or Ahi? I went with swordfish. They were accomadating and selected a prime specimen about as big as a medium sized dinner plate.

Broiled Blackened SwordFish steak
Smothered in Kiwano and Papaya (i.e. some undersetimated tasty mush)
Dark Rum (cooked off alcohol)
Splashed with Limon (Lime and lemon for the real people of the world)
Garnished with a few green onion ringlets.

Side dish...Nili P. Sbmashed PBotatoes.

Pre-made fruit tart for dessert.

All is right with the world.

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moe.L said...

YAY you like fish now!! WOOO HOOOO!