Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Night side

There are many things that really don't seem promising for a social creature when they work at night. I had considered making a top ten list of suckage, but came up with too many options and couldn't weed out any that weren't viable. That basically means that the top 35 list of why working nights licks the hairy beanbag is out. Sleep depervation comes with the territory on a regular basis. The world passes me by in solitude for the most part.

Here's an excerpt from a 4page rant that I had considered posting after a dismal evening/morning at best.

....... and after a long night at work, similar to people that work during the day, one needs to decompress, prior to falling asleep and getting some rest. If the dayside folks head home after a long day, they cook dinner, watch the tube (no doubt junkies for reality type shows, or a series that they look forward to weekly), interact with family and friends. Nightside is a bit different, I cook dinner prior to work. I gave up cable years ago because I was sick of watching infomercials and having conversations with Ron Popeil about the flaws in his "set it and forget it" theory of quantum roasting philosophy. I couldn't bear the thought of a DR Trimmer Mower Commercial. No-one but me to keep me company. I've learned how to open the Building door silently, and eek my way up the stairs, I've memorized the creaky spots in my floor so as not to disturb the folks downstairs sleeping. While in college, reading a book would put me to sleep in seconds, now it's my relaxation/down time after work. Depending on the book, sometimes I fall sleep after a few chapters, sometimes when the sunrises. It's not my fault, my internal clock has adjusted to the solitude. Mary Shelley was incredibly deft at her lighting the spark of monsterousness when developing the Frankenstein novel. Last night I was lost in a world that wasn't even close to my own and reveled in the fact that the good Dr. was there to keep me company. I Vamped out, and cringed at the sun-rising, closed the crypt shades in the Oasis at 7am and peacefully fell asleep.

The difference between my mouse like existance nightside when home and the 7 other apartments of dayside people in my building isn't astounding, it's life. There's nothing quiet about their waking, entering and leaving of the building, music, tv, movies, conversations. Morning is not for me, but is for other people. Most of the time I can deal and just stay in that place between sleep and awake tossing and turning. Somedays, it's different - trains pass miles away blaring horns at intersections, the neighbors have an arguement over waffle syrup, Babies cry, car alarms go off, garbage trucks beep to haul away trash, and the maintenance crew of the complex decide that 8am -2pm they're going to use the DR Trimmer Mower Chipper Shredder Rototilling Chainsaw Leaf Blower Whacker under my window to keep the landscaping proper for the dayside folks to enjoy.

I lost the ability to complain when I chose to work evenings to boost the ol resume and get some much needed practice with the programs we use. Weekends are no better but I can live without the sleep, meeting up with folks that are day people and trying to wake when they do just leaves me in a funk, but I enjoy their company, a little funk never hurt anyone.

Today was a rough one, 1hr of sleep. Coffee doesn't impress the bags under my eyes, in fact the sucken eyeball sockets are in a state of disdain, itchy, heavy.... I'm not enjoying Zombie........

....And 'SCENE'


Kate said...

Nights are good for many, many activities... but work is not one of them. I hate night work.

I'll be sharing your pain this Wednesday, but only in a once-in-a-while sort of way. And I'll be grateful for the intermittentness... for now...

Shaggy Bob said...

After such a dismal day...a co-worker brightened my twilight, with a little.... a little ripe pear. And a thunderboomer of a storm that'll probably hit you guys in about 5hrs.

fragile said...

I'm glad I finally found your blog...I honestly really enjoy reading it. I think your extremely talanted at what you do. ...to the shaggy, may all your dreams come true!