Friday, October 26, 2007


1st yr at the Gazette
~Design Ads
~Make Plates
~Crop and tone photos
~ (shit pay, working nights)

1 3/4yrs at the Gazette
~Design Ads
~Make Plates
~Crop and tone photos
~Edit Comics/ Color Comics
~Edit Puzzles/ Games
~Edit Weather
~Create and output Classified Reports
~Create and output Stock pages
~Create and output Obituaries
~Create and output Opinions
~Upload Paper for Website (Edition 1, 2, & 3
~(Proof all electronic pages) Output entire paper
~Olive (webdesign)
~(Proof all Negatives)
~Burst Wrappers
(Same Shit pay, working longer in to the night)

Fit dinner in there somewhere and try to whizz at least once a night.

Starting to look very similar to the So. Vermont Arts Center, we all know what happened there.

......And on that note I'm heading home early


JLints said...

Thought you might like this. Perhaps you are already on top of it.

- Lints

moe.L said...

you could say "no"

Shaggy Bob said...

Saying no would only lump me in the catagory that the recent 15people laid off are in as of right now. I enjoy gets my bills paid.