Sunday, October 28, 2007

Spanky's Lounge

A beautiful night, check
Tasty cocktails, check
Costume hilarity, check
Funniest Costume Party Prize? (CHECK)
... a super bad ass Halloween Party, check!

Gonzo, L. , and Me rockin the costumes.

Spanky's Lounge was once again a festive party atmosphere. Liser definitely knows how to throw a ripper. There was enough food for 40, enough beer for a fraternity party, and a fully stocked professional looking bar of death. I tried to stick to the beer, but the drink specials that were posted on the chalk board were ever changing and I couldn't help sampling each and everyone. To wash the evening down, Nothing says lovin like that last Captain Morgan's and coke that only gets the splash of soda to hit you in the face like a shovel.

Here's a simple halloween costume for you all to try should you be at a loss for ideas. Total cost $5.38 (+beer)

Step1. Drink an 18 pack of Molson Canadian, suppliment that with an additional 12'er of microbrew bottles. This will allow you to chuckle at the thought of what you're actually going to create, as well as supplying raw materials.

Step2. Find adhesives, tape, glue, staples, whatever you have lying around,.... cannibalize the boxes so that you have the following.

Step3. A test run, followed by wrapping the creation in gift paper, attach a bow or something to be extra cool

Step4. Pimp it out with some bitchin clothes, and over the top aviators, style hair to cockboy boy band bullshiat

Step5. Get hammered at a Halloween party and tell everyone that asks that the "box is filled with candy rainbows and puppies" If they don't believe you have 'em reach into the box. (I actually filled the box with was a chilly evening and I didn't want Mr. Wang to get cold... I also didn't expect someone to keep a hand in the box for the duration of the party.. it would have been ok with me.. but It really wasn't an option) Thankyou L for playing along.

At the end of the evening do what any sane drunk person would do. Remove the box and toss it into a raging bonfire. It's an easy costume and I think that I have enough raw material to make another one...maybe!?

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Kristi said...

Your costume was awesome! That must have been a fun party!