Sunday, October 21, 2007

Expresso beans

I think that now would be a good time to say that eating a ginormous bag of chocolate covered expresso beans, all the while washing down with a Dunkin Donut's French Vanilla XXextra large brew is a poor idea. I've seen the end of the end of time and it rests at the synapses firing behind my eyes. I know it ends because I looked into my own eyes without a mirror and got lost there for a few minutes. "I am a human spirograph and spinning makes the patterns better".

There's a dog barking outside and he's telling me to......... (Fade to black)

A heart beat is only a good thing when it wants to beat out of your chest.

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Kate said...

Yee haw. I got a bit of a caffeine jolt just reading this. Bear in mind, I can't tolerate a single Dunkin Donuts iced coffee without 14 hours of jitter and twitch... blech.

Though, to be fair, it has been proven before that there are other forms of liquid refreshment for which you have a higher tolerance than I...