Wednesday, October 10, 2007


When in doubt, editorialy or if an AD is Late......Replate!

Today is an exercise in futility. Of the 160 plates for the paper tonight that I've already made, editorial/advertising mistakes have allowed me to replate 60. I'm no statistician but those to me seem like bad odds for getting out of work on time this evening. Since individual plates are a cost effective $7 apiece for their oh so long lived, functional lives of up to but not always 6hrs. I think the fact that folks in editorial and sales representatives that are putting their stamp of approval on the work that needs to be redone should be fined. Equally since I'm in the mood.... Professional basketball players should be fined for missing free-throws as well. 10 feet high, 15ft away, basket never moves, and probably hasn't since these multi-millionaires were first shooting free-throws @ 5yrs old. If you can't shoot 95% or better from the line, you get your ass fined 5g's for being lazy.

Today's Randomness is once again brought to you by 2mm printing press plates, the word (*&$@#! %) Adj / noun: an obscenity screamed at the top of ones vocal range, primarily just after ruining a third pair of pants, while working with 2mm printing press plates, and the number 3. Because every thing good comes in threes.

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