Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Today's Randomness

Today's Randomness is brought to you by, Rank and foul moods, the word aplomb • \uh-PLAHM\ • noun
: complete and confident composure or self-assurance : poise, and the number go "F" yourself.

It's truly a bad day when you start out of the apratment at 3pm; having just woken up due to Alarm clock malfunction, stagger lurch trip stumble and fall down a flight of stairs a la keystone cop on the way to get your Morning/afternoon paper that you've previously read while printing it the night before, only to realize that looking at your truck out the building front door that a tire is flat. It's a winner of a day on this end, all I need now is a swift yet firm kick in the junk and my day will be complete. New tire... don't mind if I do!?

A Fed Ex box truck cut me off turning at a green arrow (fairly busy intersection) causing me to abruptly double foot my brake, the car behind me only missing by inches as it sailed into the intersection and "kinda" got T-boned by some monkey that decided that a red light was optional. Thank you Schenetadirt Police for being three cars back and holding me up for a statement about the "mysterious Fed -Ex vehicle that no-one at the intersection seemed to notice." Right of way allegations and numerous outbursts of the growing road rage from all parties didn't help. Calm cool and collected I was, until I had to reiterated my statement the 4th time to Mr. Copper to pen down on his report. "How do you like my shiny brand new tire?" It's not his fault but I'm in a foul and Rank mood. Green arrow vs. red light, plus Fed Ex fuck..... miserable. Med black coffee all over my truck.

Dunkin donuts... don't get me started..I rolled through the drive through prior to Fed-ex fun. Large French Vanilla Coffee, "cream and suger"? yes, "cream and sugar"? yes! Somewhere between the speaker outside and the headset (possibly the air inbetween the ear piece and the other side of the broads melon) Large French Vanilla Coffee with cream and sugar turned into med. black coffee and a bavarian creme donut. {The rub: no-one in the store ordering, no cars behind me}. It's just the day. It's just the day....

Tonight, I make plates for the paper, 1.5mm aluminum death. Pre-print not finished, I get to prep. and burn an estimated 200 plates this evening. 4 corners to each plate multiplied by 200 gives me a good 800 opportunities to lacerate myself not counting the sides of the plate of course 1600 opportunities is a bit much for me to handle at this point. I'm not going to hold my breath, the first aid kit is already out.

Screw you and your new shoes I say...
Bite me
Go F yerself
"It's not going to suck itself"....

Rank and foul moods.....

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