Monday, October 29, 2007


After a couple days of festering, a few details from the party are slowly becoming apparent to me again....

I now know where the glitter on my suit came from (?! don't ask and I won't tell).

I did Not fall all evening even though a person trying to scare me hit me like a freight train after tripping on a root launching from their tree hiding spot.

I did finish all the beer I brought and then some.

Jello shots are the devil if you have more than 25ish.

A drink that tastes like a little league bomb pop is good until a certain point.

Red headed sluts are a great shot. when you chase them with Dewars

When you know someone just practically smoked their head off, probably not a good idea to say "Come Onnn LAaaaaadeh, hav another shot". Lower extremities tend to fail at that point for them.

I won the "Funniest Costume Prize for the evening" Didn't know until today, pretty funny hah!. (gift candle)

Left over party goodies make for a great dinner if you want gut rot and the shakes of sugary goodness.

Pictures are worth exactly one word...."Nerrrrrr".
Camera phone pics don't do justice at all.

I dropped half a jello shot in the pocket of my suit....the inside pocket? (got me there, I wasn't wearing the jacket inside out at all)... and I have a hard time just trying to pull something out of the inner pockets much less putting something into them.

Halloween Costumes no matter how cool you think they are need to have ready access to bathroom facilities (even if that includes whizzing on a tree or shrub, or if you prefer...and apparently I do, some dude's foot whose dressed like Igor hiding in said tree or shrub).

I completely lost my cheezy shades, but not my perscription specs.... that's a new one for me and I'm damned proud.

After a hard night of partying.. nothing says "I'm gonna sleep well, like a drunken bowl of cheerios" It also says...good morning sunshine, wink wink I'm the cheerios you dumped on your pillow last night, and slept on jackass"

I can't wait for next year!!!!!

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