Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Parked in the lot, not movin' an inch.
The deadline for future gigs is soon approaching. The Accounting Department is working hard to medicate the ills of the real world, getting things in order for another jaunt into the unknown (ETS'chedule' Nov.15, 2007). The Transportation Division is making ready for a new E-brake and a legally just, inspected set of wheels. A week removed shouldn't be a big deal should I only take the vehicle to work and the market.

Happy Hour starts at 5pm on Friday Nov. 2nd @ The Oasis. Join me.

Get a move on Jo...the movie's gonna start without ya.

A Roaster, smashed, veg. medley, cranberry/apple chutney toasted on rye, wine, cheap beer, dessert?, and buttery popcorn goodness. Suck IT! Ramen

~After the truck lost its ability to stop a few weeks ago, I had the fortunate opportunity to deal with Monro Muffler in 'Cuse. In all reality it kinda licked the boys, and not my boys cuz that freaks me out in a silly WTF are you serious?! way. I had opted; prior to asking McG for some monetary help, to apply for a credit card through the muffler gurus to defray the cost at least for a bit until I was back on my sea-legs financially. (de-F'in-nied) Bully for them, they were able to wrench a ton of cash out of us both. Today I opened my mailbox (with the jammer key that never works properly) and wouldn't you know it...there was a letter from Monro, the damn thing included a credit card, presumably for use a few weeks ago, OH wait!?. I was told by 'Cuse Monro, on Brewerton Rd. that my credit was in the shitter and they couldn't do anything about it. Why in the hell would they be sending me a credit card if my credit is bad? why didn't they snap to attention when I really needed it? Who could have used it back then? What was their impetus for sending me a card now, with a 5,000 limit? I'll tell you what, my credit isn't bad...It's pretty damn spectacular, Chester and Zebb the two grease monkeys that were too busy punching my O-ring weren't all that computer literate to begin with and the function of their archaic system didn't allow for Momo's to fuckin hit the keys. "I'm going to use that stupid Goodyear Monro credit card, and buy a new set of tires, wipers, a signature service blow job, and a chance to get back my dignity. I'll throw in the office chair deuce for free. (if I knew where Chester and Zebb lived I'd dump in their pillow cases), and all for just 27.6% interest." Then again, maybe I'll just deuce in their chair.

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