Thursday, February 1, 2007


I'd like to personally thank Flexfit, Pearl Vison, Stafford, Hanes, Mountain Hardware,The North Face, FirmGrip, Levis Strauss, L.L.Bean, and the Timberland company for supporting my efforts to effectively dress myself today. I would also like to convey my sincere gratitude to, Arm and Hammer, Listerine, Paul Mitchell, Dove, Herbal Essence, Aveeno and Axe Body Spray for keeping it real.....real clean.
It wouldn't have all been possible without the support of Skippy, Smuckers, Freihofer's, Crowley and Cabot, Stouffers, Pepsi Co., Nature Valley, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, General Mills... in general, and Dackets Vending lottery.
My patronage and the mutual respect we have for eachother with regard to propaganda have come to their pinnacle.
Thank you for converting me to a respectable human being, clothed, clean, and fed, i.e worthy of public appearance, .

Warmest Regards,

the Slug typing

P.S. I'd also like to thank the Fucker who just dented the side of my truck while I was at work, without you life wouldn't have been in perspective today. Mutha-F'er I hope you get hit by a bus while carrying a 50gl garbage bag full of thumbtacks and a naked picture of Michael Jackson, scum sucking low life piece of monkey funk. FU!!!!!!!!!! ( the extra use of exclamation point actually signifies that I'm laughing on the inside, my truck just moved up on the rugged manly scale)

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