Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Bike

After just a few weeks of snow and ice and freezing temperatures, the city of Schenectadirt is slowly catching on that winter will soon melt away and spring will be here soon enough. Dealers will once again be able to freely distribute their wears on corners, and not have to worry about snow plows slushing them from head to toe. (that tends to culminate in shattered tail-lights by way of 22 pistol).

I know that Spring is on its way for one reason and one reason alone. Since the winter took so long to encroach on our fair city, it was last year, late in the season that I witnessed a Hooker on a bike crusing down the main thoroughfare. It has been three weeks and 3ft of snow...but the DOT of the City has finally caught up with the surplus snow and is finally removing the majority of the snow banks that inhibit traffic. I have once again witnessed the Bike Riding Slinger of Sexual favors for profit. Again, I had to chuckle (GUT LAUGH) to myself at the apparition of a fur coated, miniskirt wearing, thigh high vinyl boot pedalin' hooker riding down the street in 30degree weather.

Just in Time for Mardi Gras, 'Dirt style....wish I had beads to toss at her.

I've seen everything that the city has to offer now, and I'm ready to be gone, and when I get gone...I stay gone, you Dig!


Kate said...

I notice that you carefully avoid mentioning the gender of said Purveyor of Fellatio. All of the miniskirted ones I see outside in the cold are pretty clearly more laden down with testosterone than your average "she."

Shaggy Bob said...

It's my firm belief that said Purveyor is in fact more engendered with estrogen, although I haven't the testiclese to actually stop and inquire. I haven't noticed an Adams Apple in the 3 viewings that I've been fortunate enough to witness. Next time 'round I'll check for the PoPo and if they aren't within eyeshot I'll make it a point to stop.