Monday, February 12, 2007


Got the call to come into work early to take care of some extranious Ads that are due to proof tommorrow. Now I could say that I mind terribly, or I could just say I don't care about the early work schedule. The fact is...when you work evenings, and basically spend your entire week waking up without an alram clock ( it's easy...just get a job that doesn't start until other people are eating dinner) You tend to enjoy the fact that you have something to do. Matinee movies are great if you choose to spend the money, books are fun to read if you don't finish novels in three days. Working means one thing at this point and it's the almighty kicker in the stuation. If my bosses want me to work extra they pay me handsomely...They offer the comp time and I flat out say pay me. A large paycheck at the end of the week makes me feel as though I didn't just join a Fraternity full of engineers, but sometimes I can get paid like one. Albeit a recently graduated senior that tests vagisil on a production line to insure viscosity correctness...but damn it he/she's an engineer. So this entire week, I've resigned myself to OT. I'll be making the 5minute pilgrimage to work 3hrs early and givin' it to the company real good.
HAHAHAHHAhahhahaha (<=laughin' all the way to the proverbial bank) uh scratch that...laughing all the way to the bank proper. HaH

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