Tuesday, February 6, 2007

G'morning sunshine

For the past week I've found myself waking prior to noon (10am to be exact)...and feel better about life.I'm not sleeping it away. Although there really isn't much to do in the fishbowl "without cable" and my fuzzy white ass sitting on the couch. I've been mapping out paintings that I would like produce, but haven't the materials to create them as I wish. The problem is only that I've been without gloss medium for acrylic paint and the drab flat colors don't do anything for me. Oil paint is super but it wouldn't be condusive to put it on canvas in my black mold infested place wasting the more expensive pigment on rotting canvas. The toxins that are used to be able to push and pull said medium would only add to the toxisity of my current health. That sounds really narsty. If a painting is going to say "look at me you moron" there has to be some gloss...unless of course it's flat pigment and is hanging on the wall in Guggenheim with proper museum lighting. Fishbowl does not equal Guggenheim. I'm using the cheaper end acrylics until I can get myself into a safer living space for the longevity of my work. Not so narsty...but inherantly saddening.

On a lighter note...I'm almost finished with "The Art of Thinking Sideways" a thoroughly impressive read. 72 chapters on anything and everything graphic and holy in the design world. Think about that.....Sideways!

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