Sunday, February 4, 2007


I didn't quite make it to all the adventures in culinary delight this past weekend. Although....Fridays Green Curry chicken potato mush at Solo and Becky's was the bomb. And then there was the lasagna a la, Vulcan Oven in a not so fresh fraternity kitchen. I made due, and had some beers as well. It was great to meet up JY, Virlkdirt, J.Lynn, Syberdins, Dre and S.Savaaaad people I haven't seen for months, if not years. I'm not purposfully leaving out the rest of you monkeys, cuz you know it's always good to see you as well. I met a few new friends... and

There was an incident that occurred Friday evening well into Saturday and on to Sunday....., before noon, I had left to return for work prior to any solid resolution to the problem or any great word. I'm shattered for having to jet and not be present to support in some way. ""..........

<=Crazy Shit happened in here=>

..........."" Somber.

I hope and trust that all those involved with said crazy incident recover and are able to put things back together. My prayers are with you, and it's "My God" that I'm talking too, so you're in super better hands!

I'm shot, and my emotions/thoughts are wrecked.... It's not a good night to be sitting in the office.

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