Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Water Main Break 2007: part 4

Yeah yeah yeah I skipped some parts...but I'll label this one, day 4 or part 4...who gives a hoot. I woke up this afternoon to rumbling, sputtering, and spraying, they were able to fix the main, and water started to return to my little fishbowl. If you can call it water. Given the number of people that should have already been testing their pipes...there's no reason why the fetid black gunk should have been shooting out of my faucet. Granted..individual pipes that attach to my wonderfully oderiferous shower needed to be purged, but what's with it taking 40minutes. The last time I smelled something this rank was when I had a funtime showering in the Outback after two years of idle pipe fester. I let the water run..until clear. Most of the setiment dissapated, then hopped in to offcially wash myself properly for the first time since Saturday. I'm a liberal scrub hound after days without clean...and took my leisurley ass time applying hand fulls of soap shampoo and nut scrubbery. And sluffed off all the dead epithelials. I must have grown accustomed to the putrid water very quickly...cuz Apparently according to the property manager I smelled worse when I got out than I did when I went in. Rotten eggy wegg water. I decided to melt some snow and retouch the cleaning of the old A.A.C.T. Let the drip continue in the apartment and headed to work. The area wide advisory says eat junk food from fast food places for a time...well, it actually said you'll have to boil your water until further notice. I'll take the opportunity to grease my insides with stacker sandwiches from burgerKing and Kung-Fu Chicken.

A.A.C.T. the 4 important cleaning zones for those on the GO! Armpits, *sshole, Crotch, and Teeth, if you put them in a little melodic music you get quite a humors little tune. I like that tune almost as much as "Piss on the fire, call in the dogs...headed on back to bow-legs"

Tommorow i actually make a shopping run to buy food stuffs that don't require water to prepare.

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