Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sleeping bags

My Pre-Press Production Manager, called me this afternoon waking me from a great dream...letting me know that I should bring a sleeping bag, and pillow to work, just in case they weather got to a point of no return. "WTF" let me sign the liability release form and my 4x4 truckski and I will make the journey 5min down the road to my apartment. General consensus in the office "Blow Me" and that's only the ladies I work with.
The daystaff were given a half day, and the work load they didn't finish will pprobably keep us here until 4am anyway... if I stay that long (There better be some free fuckin' coffee, when they wake my ass up sleeping under my desk) In the words of the immortal, or is that the immoral Fisher "IT'S NOT GOING TO SuCK ITSELF"

Schenectady has already cornered the market on jackasses getting stuck on oneway streets with me being the guy directly behind and most likely to push their ass an entire city block just so I can walk back to my vehicle and bomb thru the 5inches of snow.

Some how...snow storms here just don't bother me as much as they did when I was in Montana, the basic difference is that tommorrow isn't going to be declared a Powderday with all business shutting down for the duration. Bullshit.

I left my parking lot in a blaze of typical Toyota propaganda blasting through a recently plowed bank of snow complete with little bits of ice raining down as I rooster tailed dirty snow on a momo shoveling his car out behind where I was situated

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