Sunday, February 25, 2007

NO, the best is......

The Best thing about making a pot of coffee?, Give UP? Using the non-existant F-in' water in my apartment. I don't know how long the problem has been lingering. I returned after a decent weekend to clean my badass self, and no water...none, not even a drop....ok that was a lie, I did coax a brownish wreaking drip from the kitchen sink. I'm not too pleased that my complex apparently hasn't gotten the prob fixed, I called and left a nice message. They haven't gotten back to me yet, I doubt I'm the only one that is a bit miffed by the lack of H2O, in fact the older Japanese lady across the way was screaming God only knows what as she stormed out of her place toward the Complex office in her bathrobe...(that is burned into my brain now.) Prunish, Nerrrr. Hopefully they won't call, at least not within a reasonable amount of time, hell it's been 7hrs now anyway, why not wait until tommorrow say at 11pm or something so that I can enjoy aqualessness for more than a day.

I'm pretty psyched....yup, happy and psyched by the situation.

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Kate said...

Oh, I bet you just smell pretty. Or, you will. Given enough time.